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Do Narcissists Get Jealous Of Others’ Success?

Narcissists are absolutely jealous of others’ success.

That’s why they go to such great lengths to sabotage the lives of anyone they deem to be more successful than themselves.

Whether it’s their spouse, co-worker, friend, or own children, a narcissist despises happiness in others.

They can’t be happy themselves. And they certainly don’t want anyone else to be.

My Malignant Narc ex-husband resented me for my successes and achievements. And also for any talent or capabilities I had that he didn’t.

He couldn’t stand the fact that I excel at speed-reading. He would literally snatch books from my hands and rip the pages out.

He demanded things from me that were next to impossible to achieve.

When I somehow managed to beat the odds, he set the bar even higher.

Far from being happy that I accomplished something that had been destined to fail, he hated me for it.

His pathological envy was all-consuming and very toxic. All narcissists are this way, of course.

If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, work with one, or have the misfortune to be the child of a narcissist, I highly recommend never telling them of any successes or accomplishments you may achieve.

It will only fuel the jealous fire that burns in them.

And they will stop at nothing to take it from you.

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