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Royal Kudos From Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince

HRH Mohammed Bin Salman
Serena Prince

MBS Thanks Serena Prince For Helping To Raise Awareness Of Narcissistic Abuse

On behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I want to thank you for your efforts in helping to raise awareness of Narcissistic Abuse.

You’ve been a great help to the society, helping other women  in this terrible situation recover. You’re a source of hope to them.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is always going to be in support of your movement.

You’ve been a great motivation for other women. Keep it up.

We wish there were more women of your charisma in the society.


Mohammed Bin Salman


What Is Serena Prince-375 Media?

We Are Authors, Advocates, Creators,

Humorists, And Influencers.

We Are Social Media.

We Are Serena Prince-375 Media.

Serena Prince-375 Media was established with the intention of Raising Awareness and Understanding of Narcissistic Abuse. Our Founder, Serena Prince, is proof that victims recover faster once they learn to laugh again.

A good sense of humor is healing to the mind, body, and spirit. We believe knowledge is power, laughter is necessary, and kindness should be mandatory.

What started as a few blog posts is now a popular Internet source for high-quality digital content, humor, and knowledge. Our work is widely shared around the world via social media and various digital platforms.

In February of 2020, we added Independent Book Publisher to our list of accomplishments with the release of Serena’s first book.

“It won’t matter if you turned cartwheels in bed for him and performed circus-worthy stunts.”

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Serena is a also a Life Coach, specializing in recovering from Narcissistic Abuse and long-term emotional trauma.

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