Quora Answers: No Contact

What Is The Best Method To Deal With An Abusive Narcissistic Ex Who Won’t Let Go And Is Making Credible Threats? i.e. “I’ll destroy you,” “I’ll hurt your new boyfriend,” “I’ll bankrupt you.” No Contact is pretty much your only choice. And I don’t mean simply ending all communication with the narcissist. Though that’s definitelyContinue reading “Quora Answers: No Contact”

Quora Answers: Narcissists

What Is The Narcissist Telling His Other Person(s) About The Woman He’s Living With? He’s telling her that his primary partner is crazy. And obsessed with him. He’s also telling her that she cheated on him mercilessly. And probably that she’s on drugs, is a bad mother, and an overall horrible person. A narcissist tellsContinue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissists”

Quora Answers: INFJ Problems

What Do You Struggle With Most As An INFJ? The biggest thing I struggle with as an INFJ is my love/hate relationship with Introverted Intuition. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that my intuition gives me insights and knowledge most people can’t imagine. I’m grateful to be blessed with a unique perspective. And I’m notContinue reading “Quora Answers: INFJ Problems”

Quora Answers: Narcissism

How Long Will It Be Before A Narcissist Tries To Get You Back In Their Lives? There’s no formula that can prove definitively when, or if, a narcissist will try to get someone back in their lives. Despite not having certain human emotions, narcissists are still human beings. With different preferences and objectives. People areContinue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissism”

Quora Answers: Narcissism

Does A Narcissist Purposely Phrase Things Ambiguously To Keep You In The Dark? Yes, it’s called word salad. It’s all part of the crazy-making Narcissists heap on their victims. The mind-fuckery. Narcissists want you to feel crazy so when they discard you, it was all your fault for being a lunatic. The smear campaign willContinue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissism”