Quora Answers: INFJ Problems

What Do You Struggle With Most As An INFJ? The biggest thing I struggle with as an INFJ is my love/hate relationship with Introverted Intuition. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that my intuition gives me insights and knowledge most people can’t imagine. I’m grateful to be blessed with a unique perspective. And I’m notContinue reading “Quora Answers: INFJ Problems”

Quora Answers: No Contact

Is Your Narcissist Still Seeking Your Supply Or Causing You Problems? Was “No Contact ” Effective In Your Situation? When I finally escaped from my 18-year marriage to a Malignant Narcissist, there was one strategy written in stone. I was to have absolutely no contact or communication with him, period. First and foremost, I hadContinue reading “Quora Answers: No Contact”

Quora Answers: Narcissists

Do Narcissists Abuse Animals? My Malignant Narcissist ex-husband certainly did. He did it so much that I gave my beloved dog away to keep her from the torment he subjected her to on a regular basis. He also abused his own dog by brutally kicking and punching him. The senseless cruelty was heartbreaking and unwarranted.Continue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissists”

Did Your Narcissist Offer Any Emotional Support When Your Loved One Was Dying?

When my mom was dying, the Malignant Narcissist I was married to prevented me from going to her. My dad was out of town and called me to ask that I go check on her. He had been trying to call her, but didn’t get an answer. At the time, my oldest son was livingContinue reading “Did Your Narcissist Offer Any Emotional Support When Your Loved One Was Dying?”

Do You Wish You Had Never Met Your Narcissist Ex?

I used to wish I’d never met my Malignant Narcissist ex. But that was before I realized how strong I became in the aftermath of our relationship. Don’t get me wrong. It sucks to go through the chaos that life with a narc brings. It sucks to have everything you’ve ever believed about people beContinue reading “Do You Wish You Had Never Met Your Narcissist Ex?”