Quora Answers: The Narcissistic Landlord

What Are The Red Flags Of A Narcissistic Landlord?

Narcissistic landlords will invade your privacy at will. This includes entering your living quarters without your knowledge or consent.

Although this is illegal, the narc sees absolutely nothing wrong with it.

He’ll also have no qualms about pilfering your belongings if he fancies something for himself.

As is true of all Narcissists, smear campaigns and senseless gossip will be a regular occurrence.

He’ll entertain himself by creating drama and chaos for unsuspecting neighbors who would otherwise co-exist peacefully.

These landlords will be unlikely to properly maintain the rental units, and may even refuse to make necessary repairs.

They’re well known to manipulate tenants into paying for the costs themselves.

They make assurances that the expenses will be reimbursed or deducted from the next month’s rent.

This never happens, of course, and if confronted, the narc will flatly deny ever making such an agreement.

He’ll keep up with your comings-and-goings, and take note of your visitors’ habits, as well.

If he sees an opportunity to instigate turmoil with this particular knowledge, all the better.

Sometimes narc landlords damage their own rental properties in order to collect insurance money.

One couple I know lost all their possessions after a fire of unknown origin destroyed their duplex.

To add insult to injury, they were considered suspects and subjected to a lengthy arson investigation.

The landlord had an abnormally high occurrence of similar fires at several of his properties, though he was never charged with a crime.

The voyeuristic parasites may have hidden video cameras and/or recording devices so they can spy on your most private and intimate moments.

Probably the most common red flag is the multiple attempts to gain sexual favors from anyone they deem to be exploitable.

Narcissistic landlords love to prey on vulnerable tenants and will harass them mercilessly.

This is by no means a complete list of red flags. But hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of how despicable these vermin can be.

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Quora Answers: Narcissists And Supply Sources

How Will A Narcissist Act Around His Former Supply After Being Discarded By His Latest Supply?

A Narcissist has a revolving door in his harem, so sources of supply come and go.

At any time, he’ll have plenty of choices at his disposal. There will always be former, current, and random sources riding the Narcissistic merry-go-round.

For the most part, they won’t know about one another. His behavior around each will depend on who he’s mirroring at the time.

When a narcissist is hoovering a previous source, they generally use the same M.O. every time.

They call, or show up, out of the blue to catch the target off guard. Then a form of renewed love-bombing begins.

“I’ve been missing you lately, and couldn’t stop thinking about you. I see now what I had with you. You’re everything to me.

I must’ve been out of my mind to leave you. You’re so beautiful and smart and sexy.

I had to break up with Jane because she’s not you. Just give me another chance.

I promise I learned my lesson. I realize how much I love you. That’s why I had to come see you.

Plus, Jane is crazy . . . .

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Quora Answers: The Stalking Narcissist

Why Does My Malignant Narcissist Ex Still Stalk Me After I Dumped Him First?

Because you dumped him first.

Since life is a game to narcissists, everything is about winning and losing.

More specifically, they must always be winning, while everyone else is losing.

Narcissists go into relationships with the primary goal of discarding their partners first.

They know from the beginning that the relationship won’t last.

They intend to discard their partners in the most painful way possible.

It’s a reward for all their efforts during the lovebombing stage.

Discarding you means victory. His victory. His time to shine.

He’s clearly the winner, and you are the loser.

By dumping him first, you ruined his carefully-crafted plan.

You robbed him of his victory.

You won. He lost. And that is unacceptable to a narcissist.

He’ll be hellbent on changing the outcome. He’ll watch you, stalk you, while he’s plotting his strategy.

And he’ll wait for the best time to strike. A time that ensures you lose big time.

Narcissists are very good at turning the tables.

After eleven months of No Contact, my Malignant Narc Ex-husband showed up at my house.

He was very convincing when he said he’d found God.

He also assured me that he was in therapy and realized his mistakes.

I fell for it and let him come back.

What followed was much worse than anything he’d done to me in the past.

I honestly didn’t think that was possible.

In his mind, I won by leaving him.

He intended to make me pay for that sin. I was going to be punished for winning.

Several months of torture ensued before I was finally able to escape again.

Malignant Narcissists are especially dangerous, so please be careful.

They will do anything to make sure they win.

Don’t let him.

Don’t ever forget what he’s already done to you.

And that he’s stalking you in order to get the chance to do it again.

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