Quora Answers: INFJ Personality

How Do I Deal With An Angry INFJ Who Needs Space? If Iā€™m angry and tell someone I need space, the worst thing that person can, do from my standpoint, is to invade that space. If left alone, I can think more clearly. It doesnā€™t usually take long for my anger to subside, provided IContinue reading “Quora Answers: INFJ Personality”

Quora Answers: INFJ Personality

Are INFJ’s Emotionally Expressive? Sometimes too much!! As I write this, I’m feeling guilty for going overboard with expressing negative emotions to my fiance. I was pissed off at the world, and at myself, but I took it out on him. I expressed things I now regret, and will probably be eating crow for aContinue reading “Quora Answers: INFJ Personality”

Quora Answers: INFJ Problems

What Do You Struggle With Most As An INFJ? The biggest thing I struggle with as an INFJ is my love/hate relationship with Introverted Intuition. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that my intuition gives me insights and knowledge most people can’t imagine. I’m grateful to be blessed with a unique perspective. And I’m notContinue reading “Quora Answers: INFJ Problems”

Quora Answers By Serena Prince

What Causes An INFJ To Have Sense Of Humor Failure? There are lots of things that can cause me to temporarily lose my sense of humor. But it always comes back relatively fast. Narcissistic Abuse, however, caused me to lose my sense of humor for a long time. So long that I completely forgot howContinue reading “Quora Answers By Serena Prince”

Are INFJā€™s Able To Survive Narcissistic Abuse Or Are They More Apt To Be Forever Wounded?

I’m an INFJ who survived narcissistic abuse. I personally think being an INFJ is one of the reasons I’ve been able to not only heal from being deeply wounded, but also have begun to thrive!! I’ve always been able to adapt to difficult situations, and have faced my share of hard times. None of those thingsContinue reading “Are INFJā€™s Able To Survive Narcissistic Abuse Or Are They More Apt To Be Forever Wounded?”