Erma’s Magnificent Video Celebrates The Upcoming Release Of Her Magnificent Memoir

Erma Bombeck: Superstar Model, Author, Movie Star

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween release of Erma Bombeck: My Magnificent Memoir, Erma created a video of memories for her many fans.

In her new book, the stylish mannequin details her life before and after becoming a famous superstar.

For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock, Erma got her start as a model and assistant for Poshmark Ambassador, Serena Prince.

A transforming makeover changed her life forever, and an ugly duckling became a beautiful swan.

Erma’s Instagram photos and delightfully funny posts made her an instant celebrity. What followed was a fast track to superstardom.

Erma’s memoir really is magnificent. She speaks openly about her past as a hooker, her shocking kidnapping, and her life as the most famous mannequin alive.

Ghostwritten by Serena Prince, Erma’s Magnificent Memoir will be released on Halloween.

Until the book’s release, Erma gave her adoring fans (which includes this writer) a tantalizing video to whet our appetite.

On behalf of everyone on the planet, I say thank you to this magnificent mannequin.

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Serena’s Very Helpful Relationship Tip For July 4th

F.Y.I. Until You Heed This Advice, You Won’t Realize Its Importance!! 😂😂

And, Yes I Did!! 👑👸🏻

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OK, That’s A Lie

I’m pretending to look for Colton’s chocolate candy.😜😜

Since I’m the one who ate it, I know we aren’t going to find it.

Normally I’d just run to the store, grab him a replacement, and be done with it.

But to my surprise, he woke up earlier than usual.

Before I could carry out my deceptive plan.🤣🤣

Seeing how I’m the parent, I could just tell him the truth.

And I would . . . . .

If I hadn’t made such an ass of myself yesterday when he ate all the Froot Loops!! 😂😂🤪🤪

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Apparently That Was An Unrealistic Goal . . . .

Cause My Boobs Are Now Wearing Half A Cup Of Coffee!!😂😂😜😜🤣🤣😂😂

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