Will A Narcissist Discard You But Not Leave?

Quora Answers: Narcissists There are various different terms being used these days to describe certain behaviors by narcissists. There’s “ghosting,” “discarding,” “hoovering,” “love-bombing,” etc. These words have become commonplace, especially in the survivor communities. But it occurred to me that people who are just discovering the realities of life with a narcissist may get aContinue reading “Will A Narcissist Discard You But Not Leave?”

What Are The Circumstances When A Narcissist Goes Silent?

Quora Answers: Ghosting/Silent Treatment A narcissist will often use the silent treatment as a form of covert punishment. It’s a way to torture you with your own thoughts. Your mind will search to understand what is causing the silence. You’ll wonder what you did wrong, and how you can make it right. When a narcissistContinue reading “What Are The Circumstances When A Narcissist Goes Silent?”

Coping After A Narcissistic Relationship

Quora Answers: The Question: Realizing the narcissist did not really feel any empathy and love for me makes me intensely sad. It’s almost too much to bear. Can anybody relate to this? And how do you cope with it? It hurts so much. I can absolutely relate to this. As can every other victim whoContinue reading “Coping After A Narcissistic Relationship”

Quora Answers: INFJ Personality

How Do I Deal With An Angry INFJ Who Needs Space? If I’m angry and tell someone I need space, the worst thing that person can, do from my standpoint, is to invade that space. If left alone, I can think more clearly. It doesn’t usually take long for my anger to subside, provided IContinue reading “Quora Answers: INFJ Personality”

Quora Answers: Narcissists

Can You Leave A Narcissist Without Telling Them Anything? You not only can leave a narcissist without telling them anything. You absolutely must. If you let a narcissist know you plan to leave him, you will be setting yourself up for failure. You may think you’re strong enough to resist his manipulation tactics. But you’reContinue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissists”