Quora Answers: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Do Children With Autism Really Live In Their Own World? My son certainly lives in his own world. He is co-morbid, meaning he was diagnosed with more than one disorder. He has Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a sleeping disorder, and an anxiety disorder. He was also recently diagnosed with Complex-PTSD from Narcissistic Abuse,Continue reading “Quora Answers: Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Quora Answers: Narcissistic Behaviors

Why Do Narcissists Call And Say I Love You After They Discarded You? After a Narcissist has discarded you, they will often call you or stop by for a visit with one goal in mind. They want to suck you back into the nightmare of abuse. Because it’s fun for them. Narcissists become bored veryContinue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissistic Behaviors”

Quora Answers: Narcissistic Abuse

What Are Some Tricks Performed By Narcissists That People Don’t Know? There are so many tricks performed by narcissists that people don’t know. It’s hard to narrow it down to fit into one post. Narcissists love to use covert abuse to cause victims to question their own sanity. The ways in which narcissists use sabotageContinue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissistic Abuse”

Quora Answers: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

How Can I Tell If I’m A Narcissist? How Can I Tell If My Significant Other Is A Narcissist? If you’re concerned that you may be a narcissist, then you’re probably not. Narcissists don’t self-reflect. The only reason a narcissist might ask this question is to use the knowledge against his partner to convince herContinue reading “Quora Answers: Narcissistic Personality Disorder”

Quora Answers: The Narcissist And The Golden Child

Why Does The Covert Narcissistic Parent Allow The Golden Child To Abuse His Siblings? Because he’s grooming the golden child to be just like himself. Narcissists think they’re superior to everyone else. He thinks he’s doing the child a favor by teaching him to abuse and exploit others. My ex-husband, a Malignant Narc, used toContinue reading “Quora Answers: The Narcissist And The Golden Child”