Quora Answers: Psychopath, Sociopath, Or Malignant Narcissist?

Where Is The Line Between A Malignant Narcissist & A Sociopath? Are Sociopaths More Likely To Commit Murder And More Intense Things? Or Is A Malignant Narc Just As Intense?

In my opinion, and from my experience as the wife of a Malignant Narcissist, they’re one and the same.

Each is just as likely as the other to commit murder.

Neither has a conscience or the ability to feel empathy.

Neither has morals or ethics that prohibit them from the most heinous of sins.

Throw in the term “psychopath” and you have a fitting description of my ex-husband.

He tried to kill me on multiple occasions, and abused me in unspeakable ways.

His only regrets about doing those things to me? I’m still alive.

A while back I wrote an answer to a question about the types of Narcissists.

When describing a Malignant Narcissist, I point out that this type is the most likely to seriously injure or murder their victims.

Because they are.

Whatever term you prefer is a matter of personal choice. But they all have the same meaning.


What Are The Types Of Narcissists? And How Would One Know Which Type They’re Dealing With?

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Quora Answers: White Knight Narcissists

What Exactly Is A White Knight Narcissist? How Does It Differ From A Covert?

In my opinion, a white knight narcissist is the epitome of covert.

He rescues you from a bad situation by giving you money or providing you with whatever you may need.

You’ll be so grateful that you think he’s an absolute angel.

What you won’t realize is that you made a deal with the devil.

By accepting his help, you’ve just given him something to hold over your head.

It won’t be right away, though.

He’ll continue to help you solve the problems in your life.

Or he’ll spoil you with the material things you always wished for, but couldn’t afford yourself.

It’s a different method of lovebombing.

He’ll shower you with nice things and make sure your monetary needs are met.

Once the first gift is accepted, the games begin.

What he’s doing is embedding himself into your life.

And learning everything he needs to know about you.

To use in the second round of the game.

He’s learning your habits and gaining access to your personal business to stock up on the ammunition he’s going to use against you later.

Your gut will tell you something isn’t quite right.

But if you protest about his generosity, he’ll reassure you that he wants to help you.

So he keeps giving. And you keep taking.

Not because you’re greedy, but because you don’t want to hurt his feelings.

It seems to please him so much to spoil you.

You now feel obligated to accept his gifts. After all he’s done for you, what does it hurt to be kind in return?

His intention all along is to make you dependent on him.

You won’t walk away from him because you need him.

At least that’s how he sees it.

What he really means is that you can’t walk away from him.

Because now you owe him.

With a narcissist, it gets more sinister.

Now that he knows so much about you, he’s better able to sabotage your life.

He’ll intentionally set up a bad situation for you.

So he can seem to rescue you again.

Your luck will take a turn for the worse.

You’ll suddenly find yourself calling on him more and more to save you.

What you won’t know is that he engineered it all.

He may buy you a house.

Just so he can burn it down.

Behind your back, he’s spreading rumors about you.

He’s also stalking you to the point that you’re constantly under surveillance.

I could give more scenarios.

But I think I made my point.

So-called white knight narcissists will be your worst nightmare.

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Quora Answers: Narcissists And Sexual Intimacy

Is Sex The Only Way A Narcissist Can Feel Close To Somebody?

It may surprise you to know that a narcissist doesn’t feel close to someone during sex at all.

They pretend to, of course.

They tell you they do.

And they make you believe they feel connected to you.

But narcissists aren’t capable of forming that kind of attachment.

They basically just use their partner as a masturbation tool.

During the lovebombing stage, sex with a narcissist can be extremely exciting.

They touch you in all the right places.
They say all the right things.

And they manufacture a bond that is very powerful.

For us, at any rate.

They’re able to do this the same way they attract their victims in the first place.

By mirroring their partner’s desires and passions.

But mirrors can’t bond with people.

And neither can narcissists.

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Quora Answers: Gray Rock Or No Contact?

Is It Better To Ignore The Narcissist Or Use The Gray Rock Method? Or Is That Essentially The Same Thing?

If your intention is to heal from the emotional abuse you suffered at the hands of a narcissist, the absolute most effective method is No Contact.

Going completely without any communication or interaction is the only way you’ll ever successfully recover.

If you share a child with a narcissist, it may be more difficult to be 100% incommunicado due to custody issues.

However, if the narcissist is abusive or apathetic to the child, grab your baby and make your escape.

Then run for freedom as fast as you can.

When you still live with the narcissist, obviously No Contact isn’t possible.

Sometimes circumstances force you to maintain limited contact with the narcissist.

The gray rock method is intended for those situations.

It’s not meant as a method to heal from the abuse.

The intention is to prevent further abuse.

The strategy with gray rock is to avoid emotional responses when the narcissist tries to provoke you.

The thrill for him, and the reason for the provocation, is his own entertainment.

Narcissists thrive on eliciting emotions from their victims.

Creating chaos and drama for others is great fun to them.

It’s one of the ways they get narcissistic supply.

The attention they seek doesn’t need to be from positive and loving emotional responses.

Negative reactions from others are especially exciting for them.

The theory with gray rock is not to give any emotional reaction.

And therefore, to be as boring as a gray rock to the narcissist.

Supposedly, if you no longer provide fuel, the narc will go elsewhere to obtain narcissistic supply.

I personally don’t think gray rock is effective.

And don’t recommend it.


When I tried it with my Malignant Narcissist Ex-husband, it backfired on me.

But in the interest of giving you a thorough answer, I wanted to at least give you an explanation of the method.

Now you know your options.

For your sake, I hope you choose No Contact.

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Quora Answers: Explanation Of Covert, Overt, And Malignant Narcissists

Why Not Covert & Overt Narcissists? Why Covert & Malignant Instead? What’s The Difference Between Overt & Malignant?

The terms “covert” and “overt” are describe the type of behavior patterns and narcissistic tendencies that someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) displays to the world.

Covert behaviors mean the affected person hides their narcissistic tendencies.

Their actions are introverted, or closeted.

They actively sabotage the lives of others. But they do it undercover.

This makes it harder to identify whether or not they’re a narcissist.

It also enables them to abuse people indiscriminately.

But generally without ever coming under suspicion.

Like all narcissists, these people believe themselves to be superior and special.

However, their persona, or “mask,” is that of a shy, often meek, introvert.

At the other end of the spectrum is the person with NPD whose behaviors are overt.

They are the typical grandiose narcissist who outwardly abuses others.

They dominate conversations and brag on themselves shamelessly.

They outwardly portray their narcissistic tendencies.

They openly abuse people.

And don’t try to hide the belief that they’re superior to others.

A Malignant Narcissist has a combination of NPD, sadism, aggression, and an additional personality disorder, such as Antisocial Personality Disorder.

At various times, their behaviors may be both covert and overt.

A Malignant Narcissist’s behaviors are often unpredictable and contradictory.

But always dangerous.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

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Quora Answers: What Makes A Narcissist Keep Going Back To A Certain Ex?

Do Narcissists Recycle Certain Exes?

Narcissists absolutely recycle exes, and the reasons vary.

Sometimes it’s because the ex still has something monetary that the narc wants.

Sometimes it’s for sex.

A lot of times it’s because the narc is bored.

So he’ll play a sadistic game by torturing his ex.

The mind-fuckery that’s so painful to victims is big fun to narcissists.

Another reason a narcissist recycles an ex is pure ego.

It makes them feel powerful by proving they still have power over a former partner.

Whatever the particular reason happens to be, it’s always a bad deal for the ex.

She’ll initially be hopeful that the narc is sincere.

But it will quickly become evident that his intentions were only to benefit himself.

And for every subsequent time she takes him back, her suffering will intensify.

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