Quora Answers: Are Children Disposable To Narcissists?

Does A Narcissist Parent Disappear When Their Children Recognize Their Lies?

My Malignant Narcissist ex-husband did.

And when he tried to come back months later, he attempted to hoover both our son and me.

To say it didn’t work is a bit of an understatement.

Colton is autistic.

He doesn’t have a filter that prevents him from saying exactly what he thinks.

So in no uncertain terms, he let his father know he was aware of his bullshit.

And that he wasn’t going to be fooled again,

It would’ve been funny if it hadn’t been so scary.

As is typical of a narcissist, he instantly turned on his son.

And treated him like a sworn enemy.

It became very volatile for a while.

Colton was subjected to a horrible verbal assault that almost turned physical.

When my ex finally gave up on tormenting Colton, he turned on me, of course.

When he finally left, Colton came out of his room, wielding a hammer.

To our great relief, we didn’t hear a word from the narc again for several months.

As a mother, it’s hard to comprehend that a father could hate his own child.

But that’s exactly what happens with a narcissist.

As long as the child remains fooled by the mask, the narcissist will make token efforts.

They’ll at least pretend to care.

But once the child is aware of what lies behind the mask, all bets are off.

At that point, the narc no longer bothers to pretend.

And often simply disappears from the child’s life.

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Quora Answers: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Colton and me, before the darkness.

Do Children With Autism Really Live In Their Own World?

My son certainly lives in his own world.

He is co-morbid, meaning he was diagnosed with more than one disorder.

He has Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a sleeping disorder, and an anxiety disorder.

He was also recently diagnosed with Complex-PTSD from Narcissistic Abuse, thanks to his father, my Malignant Narc ex-husband.

His world is unique to him, of course.

He just turned 14, but remains emotionally immature, like that of a much younger child.

In some ways, though, he seems to have a very old soul.

He’s also a genius.

He was tested at school. The school board psychologist told me at an IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting that my son was smarter than anybody in that room.

That none of us could even begin to comprehend his level of intelligence.

Being so intelligent, as well as an Aspy, makes it hard for him to make friends.

People have trouble relating to him. And he has trouble relating to other people.

So, he stays to himself.

He prefers to confine himself to his bedroom, where he can battle his demons his own way.

He also talks to himself almost constantly.

To be sure, he talks to whatever his imagination has conjured up.

And he plays a lot of video games.

He also keeps his room dark now, something that he started doing about two years ago.

That’s also when I started to suspect that he’d been sexually abused.

Since then, he has retreated more and more into his own world.

A world that I’m not allowed to enter. A world that no one is allowed to enter.

He calls it The Dark Abyss.

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