Money: A Narcissist’s True Love

Quora Answers: Did you find that your narcissistic ex was a hoarder of money?

Did you feel like it could never be enough money for them?

Oh yeah, my Malignant Narcissist ex-husband definitely was a hoarder of money.

He stashed his own money, along with as much of mine as he could pilfer.

And no, it was never enough.

He so loved money that he was willing to kill me over it. In an eerily calm voice, he told me as much one morning.

For two of the previous weeks, he’d been demanding almost $20,000 from me. That particular day I was given 24 hours to come up with it.

I’ll never forget the words he used.

“If you don’t have that money for me by tomorrow morning, I’m going to kill you.

You know that, right?”

I had gone to great lengths to meet his demands for money on many occasions.

The amounts were always exorbitant and continued to increase every time.

I owned a successful business back then and made good money. But no amount was ever enough to satisfy his greed.

It didn’t matter what I bought for him or how much cash I forked over. He would just set the bar higher.

I’d tapped every resource at my disposal in a vain attempt to avoid one of his narcissistic rages.

A regular day with a Malignant Narcissist is bad enough. Compared to days when they’re in a rage, it’s a cakewalk.

Those days seemed to last a week. Days when your body, mind, and soul are forced to endure relentless torture.

I was willing to do almost anything to avoid them. But I couldn’t meet his latest demand.

Long before he voiced his intention to kill me, I’d already reached that conclusion. I’d been making excuses for not having the money.

I knew his patience was running out. Still, to hear him say it out loud, to my face . . .

And in such a calm, quiet voice . . .

He left the house shortly afterwards and I wasn’t about to stick around. I grabbed my son and we left town.

Narcissists may not be capable of loving people. But they can damn sure love money.

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