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What Are Some Of The Most Calculated, Malicious Set-Ups You Endured While With A Narcissist?

There are two especially diabolical set ups that stand out for me.

One was intended to kill me. The other was meant to put me in prison for solicitation of capital murder.

Both were terrifying.

I know now that my ex-husband is a Malignant Narcissist, who was very skilled at gaslighting and mind-fuckery.

Toward the end of our marriage, I just thought he was crazy. I had also started to think my own sanity was questionable.

One morning after a nasty argument, the narc stormed out of the house in anger.

I was relieved that he was gone and began putting clothes in the dryer.

Although I couldn’t put my finger on it, something seemed different about the laundry room.

There was nothing glaringly obvious, but an uncomfortable sense of foreboding came over me.

I looked around the room and noticed small wood particles, dirt, and bits of gravel on the floor.

It wasn’t much, but it hadn’t been there the day before. I decided to forget about it and went back to doing the laundry.

As I pulled the lint filter from the dryer, I was shocked to find it stuffed full of lint, gravel, dirt, and paper.

I looked behind the dryer and almost came unglued.

The part of the wall where the dryer connection had been was now solid wall.

No plug. No vent hose. Just a solid wall.

About that time, I heard my son yelling from the kitchen.

He had accidentally bumped into the wall with the pantry door, causing a gaping hole.

Dust and sheet rock were crumbling out of the hole in the wall, making a huge mess.

Upon further inspection, we saw that the hole was more like a tunnel.

Inside was vent tubing from the dryer and an electrical socket.

A long extension cord was plugged into it.

The sudden realization that my husband was trying to cause a fire was like a slap in the face.

My son and I looked around the house for other changes, and our shock intensified.

The doors had been nailed shut and would’ve been impossible to open in the event of a fire.

The only exception was the door in the laundry room.

It wasn’t nailed shut, but my key no longer fit the bolt lock.

I didn’t need to see anything else.

Calling the police would have been pointless. I’d tried that before and had been accused of being on drugs.

I gathered up a few things and my son and I went to a hotel.

The next day I had an electrician meet me at my house.

When we went inside, everything had been returned to normal.

The potential prison sentence was the result of the narc and a flying monkey filing a police report alleging that I was looking for a hit man.

They claimed I’d offered to pay the flying monkey to kill my husband.

Unknown to me at the time, the sheriff’s office began an investigation to substantiate the allegations.

After a thorough investigation, the detectives concluded that it was actually my husband who was trying to have me killed.

For reasons I don’t understand, no charges were filed against him.

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