Flying Monkey, Narcissist, Or Another Victim?

Quora Answers: Do Flying Monkeys Pretend To Take Your Side?
She Admits He’s Abusive And Complains About Him. Then She Turns Around And Shows Me Posts About How Much He Loves His New GF.

Flying monkeys will definitely pretend to take your side when they’re trying to manipulate you on behalf of the Narcissist.

However, I’m not so sure that’s the case here. Two possible scenarios come to mind.

One is that she’s also a Narcissist, and is enjoying herself at your expense.

It could be a version of the mean-sweet cycle in toxic romantic relationships. She pretends to be a sympathetic friend one minute.

Then she intentionally causes you pain by showing you posts about his new girlfriend.

Think of the devaluation and gaslighting techniques of the Narcissist.

Another possibility is that she’s having an affair with him.

I don’t know the nature of your friendship with this person. Is she a long-time friend to you?

Has she displayed this type of behavior before?

If you were friends and it is an affair, she may be having mixed feelings.

One minute, she could be dealing with guilt that comes with betrayal.

The next minute, she may be jealous because the Narcissist is triangulating the two of you.

If she’s a victim of the Narcissist as well, she would certainly have unstable emotions.

This is the kind of cruelty Narcissists find so entertaining.

He gets to feel powerful while continuing to cause you misery.

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