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Do INFJ’s Seem Needy Or Clingy In Romantic Relationships?

There are times when I feel really needy or clingy, but I try not to show it.

For some reason, it’s not easy for me to reveal certain vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Instead, I have a tendency to expect my fiancé to just know what I need and give me the comfort I desire.

That’s obviously not an easy feat. Yet, I get discouraged if he doesn’t read my mind.

To make matters worse, if he’s unable to recognize my neediness, I start to distance myself emotionally.

What follows is not pleasant for me, but most especially not for him.

I get really bitchy and take my unhappiness out on him.

Through no fault of his own, he gets punished for the sins of every Narcissist who ever abused me.

Totally unfair, I know.

I’m happy to say he’s learned to recognize what’s happening and knows how to calm me down.

He’s aware of the scars that were caused by years of Narcissistic Abuse and is quick to forgive my temporary insanity.

Afterwards, I feel embarrassed and terribly guilty for my behavior and apologize profusely.

Ironically, it’s at this point that I am the clingiest.

I’m just no longer afraid to show it.

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