What’s The Value Of A Relationship With A Narcissist?

Quora Answers: I’m In A Long-Distance Relationship And I Think She’s A Narcissist. How Do I Stop Myself From Contacting Her?

I’m going to assume you’ve correctly identified her as a narcissist.

With that in mind, maybe you should look at it from the perspective of value.

What do you value most in life? What really matters to you?

What are you not willing to live without? What are you willing to give up?

Do you value your physical and mental health? What about your self-confidence and self-esteem?

Do you want to keep your sanity and sense of humor?

Do you cherish your family and friends?

Maybe you take pride in having a good reputation and excellent credit.

Or maybe you just bought your first home.

Did you work hard to build a successful business or career? I doubt you’d want to throw it all away.

Perhaps you have a new car that you really love?

Do you have children who adore you, and whom you treasure more than life itself?

The people, places, and things you value most are what you’re most likely to lose with a narcissist in your life.

Plan to give up everything you hold dear.

Or plan to give up the narcissist. It’s a choice only you can make.

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