Quora Answers: Violence, Drugs, And Narcissists

Is It Normal For Narcissists To Use Drugs & Alcohol? And To Become Violent & Abusive?

It’s relatively common for narcissists to be substance abusers.

Every one I’ve known and/or with whom I had a relationship abused substances on a regular basis.

Sometimes it was drugs. Sometimes it was alcohol.

Lots of times, it was both.

These narcs didn’t just use drugs and alcohol.

They abused drugs and alcohol, to the point of extreme addiction.

It’s also the norm for narcissists to be abusive, although they aren’t all violent.

Covert Narcissists abuse people in ways that aren’t easily identifiable.

Sabotage, smear campaigns, gaslighting, and immoral manipulation techniques are examples of covert abuse.

Malignant Narcissists are well known for being violent and outwardly abusive. That’s not to say they don’t engage in covert abuse, though.

This type of narcissist will abuse in every way possible and are the likeliest to injure or murder their partners.

Any narcissist is capable of being abusive.

What differentiates one from the other is the manner in which they abuse.

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