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Why Does My Malignant Narcissist Ex Still Stalk Me After I Dumped Him First?

Because you dumped him first.

Since life is a game to narcissists, everything is about winning and losing.

More specifically, they must always be winning, while everyone else is losing.

Narcissists go into relationships with the primary goal of discarding their partners first.

They know from the beginning that the relationship won’t last.

They intend to discard their partners in the most painful way possible.

It’s a reward for all their efforts during the lovebombing stage.

Discarding you means victory. His victory. His time to shine.

He’s clearly the winner, and you are the loser.

By dumping him first, you ruined his carefully-crafted plan.

You robbed him of his victory.

You won. He lost. And that is unacceptable to a narcissist.

He’ll be hellbent on changing the outcome. He’ll watch you, stalk you, while he’s plotting his strategy.

And he’ll wait for the best time to strike. A time that ensures you lose big time.

Narcissists are very good at turning the tables.

After eleven months of No Contact, my Malignant Narc Ex-husband showed up at my house.

He was very convincing when he said he’d found God.

He also assured me that he was in therapy and realized his mistakes.

I fell for it and let him come back.

What followed was much worse than anything he’d done to me in the past.

I honestly didn’t think that was possible.

In his mind, I won by leaving him.

He intended to make me pay for that sin. I was going to be punished for winning.

Several months of torture ensued before I was finally able to escape again.

Malignant Narcissists are especially dangerous, so please be careful.

They will do anything to make sure they win.

Don’t let him.

Don’t ever forget what he’s already done to you.

And that he’s stalking you in order to get the chance to do it again.

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