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Why Do Narcissists Mirror Their Partners With Great Intensity?

During the Idealization phase, Narcissists mirror their partners in order to create an immediate bond of trust and familiarity.

They claim to have all the same interests, beliefs, and desires as their target.

They quickly become “the one,” somebody who truly understands everything about you.

While you open up about your hopes, dreams, fears, and weaknesses, the Narcissist claims to feel exactly the same way.

Meanwhile, he’s listening and taking mental notes.

All of these things will be used as ammunition against you during the Devaluation phase.

The goal for the Narcissist during love-bombing is to manufacture a bond that will endure throughout the Devaluation and Discard phases.

They plan to haunt you even after the relationship has ended.

They know you’ll try harder to keep your ideal partner, your soulmate, despite the abuse they intend to heap on you.

Obviously, victims have no idea they’re actually falling in love with a counterfeit copy of themselves.

The Narcissist is well aware of this, though.

It’s the same tactic they use in all of their relationships, and it’s proven to be highly effective.

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