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Is Infidelity A Given When It Comes To A Narcissist? If So, Why?

When it comes to a narcissist, infidelity is a given.

It is a fact of life that narcissists are serial cheaters.

If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, this is a painful concept to grasp.

But denial won’t make it less true.

One of the reasons Narcissists cheat is because of their unquenchable thirst for Narcissistic Supply.

They have multiple sources in order to keep a steady flow of adoration, attention, and praise.

Narcissists aren’t hindered by morals or values, and see nothing wrong with their infidelities.

They also get a kick out of triangulating their sources.

It’s an added bonus that they’re able to create drama and chaos for the people who care most about them.

There’ll be some people who read this answer and disagree with me.

They believe that their particular narcissist is somehow different from all the others.

They’re convinced, for whatever reason, that infidelity isn’t a given. At least it isn’t when it comes to their narcissist.

I’m convinced they’re wrong.

I used to believe the same thing, though.

I used to think that the one thing my Malignant Narc ex-husband wouldn’t do was cheat on me.

Despite the fact that he was horribly cruel and had been abusing me for years, I wrongly believed he still valued our marriage.

I thought by pleasing him sexually, I could keep him faithful.

I believed him when he said he’d never find anybody who could please him more.

I thought he meant it when he said he had the best at home.

That’s why he didn’t even look anywhere else.

I was wrong.

In reality, he cheated on me throughout our entire relationship.

Nothing I believed had been true.

Narcissists cheat. Period.

I wasn’t special, and neither is anybody else. Not to a Narcissist.

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