The Path To Greatness Doesn’t Always Lead To Happiness

A man and his wife were lost in the forest when they came upon a clearing. Before them, they saw three paths.

Being lost, they were unsure which path to choose.

Suddenly a wise old owl appeared. The man asked the owl which path they should take.

The owl told him that one path led to Greatness.

One path led to Greatness And Happiness.

And the third path led to The Unknown.

The owl said that each path had pitfalls and dangers. They would have to be very careful, regardless of which path they chose.

He advised the man to keep his wife close to him. They should watch out for one another.

The husband and wife chose the path that led to Greatness And Happiness.

Before they set out, the man told his wife to wait in the forest for him. He didn’t want her to face the pitfalls and dangers.

He thought it would be best for him to first go alone and come back for his wife.

The wife disagreed with her husband. She reminded him that the owl told them to stay together.

The man thought he knew best, however, and refused to change his mind.

Although she had a terrible feeling that her husband’s decision was foolish, she obeyed him and stayed behind.

She was concerned about surviving alone in the forest, and feared for her safety.

The man ignored her concerns. His wife was a strong woman and he believed she would be safer in the forest.

He only wanted to prevent her from facing the dangers and pitfalls that lie ahead. He was confident he was making the right choice.

Once he set out alone, the husband came across many obstacles. Although he managed to overcome them, he realized the owl had been correct.

He needed his wife by his side.

Meanwhile, his wife was without food or shelter. She faced her own obstacles, just to survive.

Time passed, and she grew weak.

She knew her husband would be back for her. So the wife continued to pray for her own safety and that of her husband.

And she waited.

The husband realized he’d made a foolish decision. He became aware that he’d taken a wrong turn along the way.

He was no longer on the path to Greatness And Happiness. Somehow, he’d ended up on the path to The Unknown.

He decided to go back into the forest for his wife. They would start over together.

Once he made the decision to go back, he hurried as much as possible.

He knew his wife would be there waiting for him, and he was desperate to see her again.

Upon arriving at the clearing in the forest, he saw her. She was lying under a tree with her eyes closed, looking as beautiful as ever.

His heart soared with love as he ran to her.
He was thrilled to be reunited with his wife, and promised himself he’d never leave her again.

He thought she must have been sleeping deeply because she didn’t open her eyes.

He grabbed her in his arms and began to shake her. He sobbed loudly when he realized she wasn’t sleeping.

She didn’t open her eyes because she couldn’t.

He was too late. His beautiful wife, the love of his life, was gone.

She would never again open her eyes.

Now the man knew something he hadn’t realized before. Without his wife, nothing else mattered.

He could make his way back to the Path To Greatness.

But without love, he would never find his way to Happiness.

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