Quora Answers: Narcissists, Holidays, And Covert Sabotage

Why Do Narcissistic Mates Set Out To Destroy Holidays And Birthdays? My BD Is Tomorrow And My Narc Started An Argument Yesterday So He Can Give Me The Silent Treatment On My Birthday.

It’s a form of covert sabotage.

His goal is to ruin your happiness and keep the attention on himself.

Narcissists are very jealous. For example, you have to attend a work event because you’re getting an award.

The narcissist may hide your car keys, or “accidentally” spill a drink on your thank-you speech.

Anything to wreak havoc on your joy.

If you’re looking forward to seeing your sister at a family reunion, the narcissist may start complaining about her.

Pretty soon he’s being negative toward your entire family.

And you’re now dreading the event.

It’s the same thing with birthdays and holidays.

He doesn’t want you to experience pleasure.

And he doesn’t want you to be the center of attention.

By starting an argument, he creates chaos, which dampens your spirits and saps your energy.

Plus, your focus is on him.

And he’s once again the center of attention.

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