Quora Answers: Narcissists, Flying Monkeys, And Projection

Has Anyone Ever Had A Suspected Narcissist Call The Police On Them?

Oh yeah.

He also convinced them that I was trying to hire a hit man to have him killed, which spawned an investigation that lasted for months.

The first few times my Malignant Narcissist ex-husband called the police, I was stunned at the way I was treated.

The lies he told were ludicrous. The fact that the cops believed him was incomprehensible.

I was bruised and bleeding, the house was destroyed, and our son told the deputies the truth.

Yet, the police called me crazy, accused me of being on drugs, and threatened to arrest me.
During one of our many separations, the narcissist went to the police department with a flying monkey.

They claimed I tried to hire a hit man to kill my husband.

The flying monkey was the potential hit man whose assistance I supposedly sought.

His good conscience and sympathy for my husband compelled him to come forward.

They were able to convince seasoned detectives that I was a dangerous woman with murder on her mind.

Being investigated by law enforcement is a terrifying and humiliating experience.

It doesn’t matter that you’re innocent if the detectives don’t believe you.

Your life will be hell until they do believe you.

And not a minute sooner.

Months later, the truth set me free, so to speak.

There was no evidence whatsoever that I had ever tried to have the narc killed.

It also became evident that my ex was the one with murder on his mind.

Unfortunately, charges were never filed against my now ex-husband or the flying monkey.

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