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Do Grandiose Narcissists Often Repeat The Same Speech About How Great They Are Over And Over?

Oh my Lord, yes!!

Not only do they repeat the same stories over and over, they expect you to listen attentively while they’re repeating them.

Plus you’re supposed to be adequately impressed each and every time.

You’re not allowed to point out that you’ve heard that shit 5,238 times already.

And if you have to hear it again, you’ll pull all of your hair out.

After eighteen years of hearing my narc ex-husband’s crap, I began to clench my jaw.

It was the only way to stop myself from screaming at him to shut the f**k up.

One day after listening to him for hours on end, I clenched my jaw so hard, I broke a tooth.

He was standing right in front of me and saw what happened.

He didn’t miss a beat, though.

He just kept right on talking about his awesome greatness. As if nothing had happened.

Typical Grandiose Narcissist.

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