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Is It Possible To Have A Good Friendship With My Ex-Narcissist? We Were Friends Before We Became Intimate. I Want Him In My Life.

My first husband is a Covert Narcissist. We were friends before we became intimate.

Like you, I thought I still wanted him in my life after our marriage ended.

After all, we had a son together.

Back then, I knew nothing about Narcissists. I was naive to think we could revert to friendship for the sake of our child.

When we met, I thought he was a great guy, and honestly believed he was my friend.

I loved laughing with him and having someone to talk to who understood me.

It was also nice to hang out with a guy who wasn’t always trying to get in my pants.

Fast forward a few months. We fell in love, moved in together, and things were wonderful for a while.

I was blindsided when he suddenly changed, and what I now know as the devaluation phase began.

I also know now that he’d never been my friend. He only played that role to figure out what he needed to do to gain my trust.

After the divorce, it became apparent that I couldn’t keep him in my life. He never stopped doing what narcissists do.

He continued to create drama and chaos for both our son and me.

And he still sabotaged every aspect of my life that he possibly could.

The main reason it’s not possible to remain “friends” is because a narcissist will always drag you back into the mind-fuckery and misery they thrive on.

Fun for them. Impossible for you.

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