Quora Answers: Are Overt Narcissists Easier To Get Along With?

My experiences proved covert narcissists to actually be easier to get along with.

At face value, anyway.

Not that an overt narcissist is always harder.

Sometimes they’re downright jovial and funny.

They can appear to be very easy to get along with.

As long as they’re the center of attention.

If you listen to their stories, laugh at their jokes, and remain a captive audience, overt narcissists can seem to be perfectly agreeable and easygoing.

It’s when you get tired of hearing their stories, or grow bored with their jokes, that things change.

When you attempt to remove yourself, they show their true colors.

Suddenly they’re not quite so pleasant.

In most situations, though, a covert narc will try harder to protect his mask.

He may not openly disagree with people.

And is less likely to reveal hostile feelings.

As a result, he may appear to be easier to get along with.

Eventually though, both overt and covert narcissists will prove themselves to be anything but easy.

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