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What Exactly Is A White Knight Narcissist? How Does It Differ From A Covert?

In my opinion, a white knight narcissist is the epitome of covert.

He rescues you from a bad situation by giving you money or providing you with whatever you may need.

You’ll be so grateful that you think he’s an absolute angel.

What you won’t realize is that you made a deal with the devil.

By accepting his help, you’ve just given him something to hold over your head.

It won’t be right away, though.

He’ll continue to help you solve the problems in your life.

Or he’ll spoil you with the material things you always wished for, but couldn’t afford yourself.

It’s a different method of lovebombing.

He’ll shower you with nice things and make sure your monetary needs are met.

Once the first gift is accepted, the games begin.

What he’s doing is embedding himself into your life.

And learning everything he needs to know about you.

To use in the second round of the game.

He’s learning your habits and gaining access to your personal business to stock up on the ammunition he’s going to use against you later.

Your gut will tell you something isn’t quite right.

But if you protest about his generosity, he’ll reassure you that he wants to help you.

So he keeps giving. And you keep taking.

Not because you’re greedy, but because you don’t want to hurt his feelings.

It seems to please him so much to spoil you.

You now feel obligated to accept his gifts. After all he’s done for you, what does it hurt to be kind in return?

His intention all along is to make you dependent on him.

You won’t walk away from him because you need him.

At least that’s how he sees it.

What he really means is that you can’t walk away from him.

Because now you owe him.

With a narcissist, it gets more sinister.

Now that he knows so much about you, he’s better able to sabotage your life.

He’ll intentionally set up a bad situation for you.

So he can seem to rescue you again.

Your luck will take a turn for the worse.

You’ll suddenly find yourself calling on him more and more to save you.

What you won’t know is that he engineered it all.

He may buy you a house.

Just so he can burn it down.

Behind your back, he’s spreading rumors about you.

He’s also stalking you to the point that you’re constantly under surveillance.

I could give more scenarios.

But I think I made my point.

So-called white knight narcissists will be your worst nightmare.

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