Quora Answers: Why Can’t You Argue With A Narcissist And Ever Win?

Why Can’t You Argue With A Narcissist And Ever Win?

Circular Conversations And Word Salad

When normal people get into arguments, they’re attempting to resolve some type of issue or conflict.

Narcissists argue to create even more conflict.

When the inevitable boredom that constantly plagues a narcissist sets in, they lure you into circular conversations to entertain themselves.

Just like everything else, conversations are competitions to a narcissist.

Their strategy is to constantly change the rules to cause you to become unhinged.

The goal is to make you so frustrated that you eventually lash out.

Once you’ve lost your patience and show your temper, they’ve won the game.

This was their intention all along.

To create enough drama and chaos that you’re forced to react.

You become so unsettled that you have a normal human reaction.

But they’ll accuse you of being difficult and having anger issues.

Later, you’ll rehash the conversation in your mind and feel bad for overreacting.

By questioning your own good nature, the narcissist has made you wonder if you’re the crazy one.

You’ll start to wonder what’s made you so paranoid and overly sensitive.

And one more layer of your self-esteem has been whittled away.

Not only did the narcissist drain your energy with the relentless tossing of word salad, now he’s continuing to erode your identity by causing you to doubt yourself.

Another victory for the narcissist.

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