Quora Answers: Narcissists And Triangulation

When You Confront A Narcissist On Their Infidelity, Does This Cause A Narcissistic Injury? I Saw The Sexually Charged Texts.

Not necessarily.

The cold harsh truth is that narcissists enjoy the jealous emotions they provoke in you.

It makes them feel powerful.

It’s called triangulation.

And make no mistake, it’s intentional.

After the lovebombing stage, narcissists no longer try to hide their infidelities.

In reality, they were cheating the whole time.

They just aren’t ready for you to know until the devaluation stage has begun.

That’s when they really focus on creating insecurities and jealousy in their partner.

By leaving messages on their phone for you to find. By telling outrageous lies.

And by dropping hints thinly veiled as dark humor.

Or they belittle you just to get an emotional response.

When you react, they claim to have only been joking.

Then they accuse you of being jealous, insecure, or overly sensitive.

It’s all a game to them, and the strategy is to erode your self-esteem.

As for why you’ve barely spoken in two months, the likeliest reason is because he’s busy lovebombing another target.

He’s “ghosting” you while he draws in his latest conquest.

The intermittent contact is designed to keep you hanging on until he’s ready to come back.

If you are just becoming aware of narcissists and their patterns, I should warn you that it’s shocking what these assholes do to the people who love them.

It’s very painful to discover that the person you thought was your soulmate doesn’t really exist.

Narcissists lure you in and build you up as much as they can.

Because the higher you rise, the harder you’ll fall.

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