Quora Answers: Narcissists And Sexual Intimacy

Is Sex The Only Way A Narcissist Can Feel Close To Somebody?

It may surprise you to know that a narcissist doesn’t feel close to someone during sex at all.

They pretend to, of course.

They tell you they do.

And they make you believe they feel connected to you.

But narcissists aren’t capable of forming that kind of attachment.

They basically just use their partner as a masturbation tool.

During the lovebombing stage, sex with a narcissist can be extremely exciting.

They touch you in all the right places.
They say all the right things.

And they manufacture a bond that is very powerful.

For us, at any rate.

They’re able to do this the same way they attract their victims in the first place.

By mirroring their partner’s desires and passions.

But mirrors can’t bond with people.

And neither can narcissists.

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