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What’s The Difference Between A Narcissist And A Hurt, Unhealed Person?

One of the most distinctive differences is the sabotage factor.

Narcissists deliberately sabotage the lives of others.

They seek to destroy the peace, happiness, and wellbeing of those closest to them.

This includes their own children, their spouse, friends, and other family members.

Narcissistic sabotage takes many forms.

Sometimes it’s a smear campaign carried out against their partner in an attempt to destroy his or her reputation.

Or their child has an awards ceremony and has been really looking forward to the big event.

Maybe he got first place for a school project, and will present it at the ceremony.

So the narcissist hides the project from the child to create chaos.

His intent is to steal his son’s joy.

To rob him of his excitement.

For no other reason besides the narcissist’s own sadistic entertainment.

Narcissists don’t self-reflect and won’t take personal responsibility for their problems.

They always find someone else to blame.

Someone without Narcissistic Personality Disorder may feel resentment toward someone who harmed them.

And may seek revenge in a misguided attempt to ease their pain.

But they don’t do it to innocent people who have done them no harm.

And their motive isn’t for sadistic entertainment purposes.

Obviously there are plenty of other differences between a narcissist and someone who is in emotional pain.

In my opinion, the sabotage factor stands out as one of the most obvious, though.

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