Quora Answers: Narcissists And Pregnancies As A Tool To Control

My Narcissist Ex Got Me Pregnant On Purpose Without My Permission So He Could Have More Control Over Me. Is That Legal? Can I Use That In Court?

In the United States, where I live, it’s perfectly legal for a man to impregnate an adult woman through consensual sex.

When you say he got you pregnant without your permission, do you mean he raped you?

Narcissists are well known for using pregnancies as a way to gain more control over their partners.

Both male and female narcissists are guilty of this.

Inevitably, the child will become a pawn that the narcissist will use mercilessly to torture the other parent.

While none of the things I mentioned are illegal, they are immoral and cruel.

Unfortunately, they’re not prosecutable offenses.

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