Quora Answers: The Stigma Of Narcissistic Abuse

Why Does It Offend People When You Talk About Narcissistic Abuse?

Probably because they don’t believe us.

That’s the impression I got from people I used to try to tell.

Those who haven’t been through it themselves can’t fathom what kind of atrocities victims have endured.

That’s one of the reasons raising awareness of narcissistic abuse has been such an uphill battle for advocates and survivors.

When I try to look at it objectively, I understand their positions to a certain extent.

Hell, I lived it for years and I had trouble believing it.

Most people have never faced true evil and mistakenly believe that everyone has inherent goodness within them.

It’s mind-boggling that narcissists deliberately set out to destroy those who love them most.

So I guess people get uncomfortable or offended when they think someone is lying to them or exaggerating facts.

It’s easier for them to disregard what a victim is saying than to face the reality that narcissists abuse, sabotage, and seek to destroy their victims.

Especially if they know the narcissist the victim is trying to tell them about.

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