Quora Answers: Attachment Disorder

How Can I Stop Feeling That I’m Somehow Different And The Narcissist Will Realize It? According To Him, He Thinks Of Me All The Time, Yet He Continues To Disappear.

As painful as it is to accept, nobody is special to a narcissist.

No matter how pretty, smart, charming, or intelligent you are, the ugly truth is that you’re no more special than the next source.

Or the last one the narcissist said the same words to.

It doesn’t matter what you do for them, how good you are in bed, or how much you have to offer.

The narcissist is an expert at convincing each victim that they alone have a special gift he can’t live without.

Each victim still finds out otherwise at some point.

Some realize it sooner than others.

The longer you hold on to that belief, the more you’re subjecting yourself to confusion and pain.

It’s an indisputable fact that narcissists do not feel love or empathy.

They’re not able to form an attachment to their partners or children.

No matter how bad you want to believe it’s true.

Try to take your emotions out of the equation and think about it logically.

If you were truly special, would he continue to disappear?

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