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What Makes A Narcissist Stalk A Victim For A Decade? Is This Normal?

For a personality-disordered narcissist, it’s not unusual to stalk a victim for many years.

But it definitely isn’t the behavior of a normal, rational human being.

When a narcissist continues to stalk a victim for such a lengthy period of time, two motives come to mind.

One probability is that the narc is still thoroughly enjoying the cat-and-mouse game he’s playing with the victim.

By continuing to stalk her, in his mind, he’s continuing to control her.

And as long as he is still able to reap sadistic pleasure, he’ll see no reason to stop playing his game.

The other motive is revenge.

If the victim discarded the narcissist first, he will be hellbent on reversing this action.

Since life is a game to them, their game, they cannot allow a victim to ever defeat them.

Discarding them first means the victim won.

And that’s simply unacceptable to a narcissist.

So they’ll go to great lengths to regain entrance into the victim’s life in order to change the outcome of the game.

They make sure to be the one doing the discarding this time around.

And they make sure to do it in a way that is surely to cause the maximum amount of grief possible to the victim.

If you happen to be dealing with a Malignant Narcissist, the stakes go up considerably.

This psychopathic individual is extremely dangerous.

He is likely planning to cause physical harm, including death, to the victim.

The type of discard they have in mind is much more sinister than just ending a relationship first.

They may be intending to end the victim’s life.

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