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Why Do Narcissists Call And Say I Love You After They Discarded You?

After a Narcissist has discarded you, they will often call you or stop by for a visit with one goal in mind.

They want to suck you back into the nightmare of abuse.

Because it’s fun for them.

Narcissists become bored very quickly. So they seek entertainment for themselves at their victims’ expense.

By stringing you along with words of love and affection, they can tease you with hopes of reconciliation.

They will make you think that not only do they now realize how much you meant to them, but that another try at the relationship will be different.

Make no mistake. Things will only be better for a short time, and even that is just an illusion.

Whether you know it or not, they still have their other sources of supply.

Even during the renewed love-bombing phase. Though they’ll never admit it.

If you allow the narcissist another chance to torment you, it will be much worse than the previous time.

Because they now have your permission to abuse you again.

They see your forgiveness of their bad behavior as acceptance of their abuse.

And they’ll relish in causing you as much pain as possible.

Please don’t fall for it.

Narcissists don’t change. They do not magically transform into good and loving people.

If he’s telling you he loves you, he’s telling you he loves to use and abuse you.

I urge you to avoid any contact or communication with your tormentor.

Even if you are still dependent on him financially, find a way to have support payments directly deposited into your bank account.

You will never be able to heal as long as he has access to your emotions.

That’s what he’s counting on. He doesn’t want you to heal.

It’s too much fun for him to continue to hurt you.

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