What Are The Circumstances When A Narcissist Goes Silent?

Quora Answers: Ghosting/Silent Treatment

A narcissist will often use the silent treatment as a form of covert punishment.

It’s a way to torture you with your own thoughts.

Your mind will search to understand what is causing the silence. You’ll wonder what you did wrong, and how you can make it right.

When a narcissist won’t respond to your calls or messages, your emotions won’t allow you to have a minute of peace.

At least not until you get some answers.

At first, you’ll worry that something has happened to your “soulmate.”

A car accident. Car trouble. Freak accident. Something. Anything. An answer that explains the silence.

The longer the silent treatment lasts, the more your emotions run the gamut from fear to anger to desperation.

You are doing exactly what the narcissist intended when he made the decision to ghost you.

Driving yourself crazy.

With absolutely no effort on his part, he is still able to abuse you.

Another reason for the silence is to give him the freedom to entertain his newest target without any interference from you.

Although he’ll read your desperate messages, he won’t acknowledge them.


He’s saving them for when he returns. And ends the silence.

It’ll be his proof that you’re too clingy, paranoid, and overbearing.

He’ll point out that you’re the reason for all the problems in the relationship.

And you’ll likely believe it.

You’ll be so relieved to have him back that you won’t even question the insanity of what he’s saying.

You’ll go out of your way to please him, providing him with high-quality narcissistic supply.

Until he gets bored again.
And the silence begins anew.

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