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How Do I Deal With An Angry INFJ Who Needs Space?

If I’m angry and tell someone I need space, the worst thing that person can, do from my standpoint, is to invade that space.

If left alone, I can think more clearly.

It doesn’t usually take long for my anger to subside, provided I have the necessary time alone to process my thoughts.

I really hate to be angry.

So I try to resolve whatever issues have pissed me off as quickly as possible.

But I have to be alone long enough to clear my mind.

The longer I hold anger in, the more unpleasant I become.

My advice on how to deal with an angry INFJ who needs space is to give it to them.

Don’t try to keep convincing them of your point of view.

Don’t try to talk them out of being alone. You’ll only make things worse.

Just leave them alone.

They’ll probably come back within a short time and surprise you by better understanding your perspective.

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