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Does A Narcissist Purposely Phrase Things Ambiguously To Keep You In The Dark?

Yes, it’s called word salad.

It’s all part of the crazy-making Narcissists heap on their victims. The mind-fuckery.

Narcissists want you to feel crazy so when they discard you, it was all your fault for being a lunatic.

The smear campaign will have already been underway for a while.

They do it because they would rather lie than tell the truth.

Even if the truth would be better for you.

Especially if the truth would be better for you.

All Narcissists are pathological liars.

And your attention is the supply they crave.

Sometimes they choose negative attention.

So they create chaos in your mind for their own enjoyment.

Your reactions are a way for the narcissistic puppet master to pull your strings.

And your emotions are his stage.

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Originally Answered By Serena Prince On Quora.

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