How Can I Tell If My 3X Combat Veteran Husband Is A Narcissist, Or If His Actions Are Symptoms Of His PTSD?

There are some common traits that are specific to Narcissists.

Once you know what to look for, it’s much easier to differentiate between someone with a personality disorder and someone who’s suffering as a result of trauma.

Narcissists don’t feel empathy or love, although they fake it pretty well.

They will never take responsibility for their actions, regardless of whether they hurt someone or not.

And they’re never wrong.

Even if you catch them in the act of doing something wrong, they’ll completely deny it.

Then they’ll turn the tables and blame you for the very thing you caught them doing.

This is a tactic called projecting. It’s used by narcissists to take the focus off of themselves and their misdeeds. It allows them to become the victim, while making you the villain.

Narcissists don’t self-reflect or feel remorse.

They are also pathological liars who use people shamelessly.

Everything is about them because they have an inflated sense of entitlement.

A narcissist is abusive behind closed doors to the people closest to them.

But they wear a mask in front of others and appear to be loving and kind to the outside world.

Narcissists are very jealous of the successes and achievements of others, including those of their partners and offspring.

They create drama and chaos for people as a means of entertaining themselves, and they actively engage in covert sabotage.

These are some of the most common hallmarks of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

It’s by no means a complete description, but I hope it helps.

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Tell If My 3X Combat Veteran Husband Is A Narcissist, Or If His Actions Are Symptoms Of His PTSD?

  • You ask any man, any one of them at all, and offer them this question: “Who would you rather see most happy? Yourself, or your spouse?”

    It shouldn’t ever be a question that would set the spotlight on him, nor back him against the wall. He should be able to answer this, instantly.

    I would expect him, as a man, to say, “I choose to make my spouse most happy.”

    I say, myself, “A man is only ever a man, if he chooses his spouse’s happiness, over his own.”

    No man on Earth, to his woman, would ever choose the former choice, being himself. No man, but perhaps a male, would choose that. A man’s purpose on Earth, is to protect others, see to another’s safety. Otherwise, he may as well have been castrated at birth, if he ever chooses the path of his own protection, his own safety, his own selfishness, before another person, especially his spouse.

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