What Are Some Of The Tactics Of A Covert Narcissist That Go Undetected?

Here’s one example:

You’ve been looking forward to seeing an old high school friend who is in town on business. All week, the two of you gabbed on the phone about old times, and made plans to have a Girl’s Night Out.

You wake up that morning to someone ringing the doorbell nonstop, which immediately makes you both angry and jumpy. When you get to the door you are furious when you see it’s the Covert Narcissist.

He had been aware of your plans all week, and knew you were really looking forward to spending time with your friend. So why was he at your door?

Especially after you told him the night before that you wouldn’t be able to see him today.

Reluctantly, you open the door and he steps inside. You’re thinking he must have a specific reason for being there so you impatiently wait for him to enlighten you.

Instead, he plops down on your sofa, picks up the remote control, and begins to channel-surf.

Annoyed, you retreat to your bedroom and continue to get ready for your upcoming visit.

A few minutes later, you hear noises from the living room that sound like movement, which you assume is the narc making himself at home.

A figure suddenly appears in your peripheral vision and you see the narc hovering over you. He announces that he has to get going and will be in an area with bad cell phone reception.

Surprised and relieved, you wonder why the hell he even came by at all.

Shortly after the narc leaves, you realize that you haven’t seen your phone in a while.

As you begin to look for your cell, you notice a stain on the new dress you bought especially for this night.

A stain that wasn’t there earlier. Becoming more and more agitated, you resume the search for your missing phone.

After failing to locate the phone inside the house, you wonder if somehow you left it in the car. When you look in the same spot where you always hang your keys, you’re baffled to find that they’re not there.

Now you have no phone, so you can’t call your friend.

You have no keys, so you can’t go anywhere.

You’re pissed about the dress, but you have more to focus on now.

Now what?

You still can’t make a call.

You still can’t go anywhere.

Your only neighbor is out of town for a wedding.

You’re stuck.

You spend the rest of the day fuming. You tear your house apart several times looking for your phone and keys, but find neither.

You feel terrible about standing your friend up. You’re so frustrated you want to cry.

Miserable, you spend a restless night, tossing and turning in bed.

Once again the next morning, the annoying sound of the doorbell ringing nonstop awakens you.

Once again, the Covert Narcissist is at your door.

This morning, though, he’s smiling as he hands you both your phone and keys.

And tells you he just found them both on the hood of your car.

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