Do Narcissists Plan Their Vile Attacks On People?

Yes, they do.

That was one of the harshest realizations for me to accept throughout my experience as a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse. I’ve had my share of experience with Narcs throughout my life, both Overt & Covert. And I recently survived one of many vile attacks by my Malignant Narcissist ex-husband.

In my opinion, hell yes, they plan the horrible things they do. That’s what their minds stay focused on. Who to attack. How to attack. What they stand to gain from each attack.

And why they think they’re entitled to attack. Then they fine-tune their plans & make their next move.

Whether the victim is aware of the abuse or not, the narcissist is. They know exactly what they’re doing. Because they planned to do it.

All abuse is traumatic. All narcissists are pieces of shit. But the absolute most vile attacks on me came from a Malignant Narcissist.

The man I was married to for almost two decades, and with whom I have a 14 y/o autistic son, did the most evil and inhumane things to us.

Things that, even now, I can’t yet put into words. And he planned it all.

What is so incomprehensible is that he didn’t just become enraged and hurt me. Or destroy my most treasured belongings because I got in his face.

It wasn’t just an anger management problem. Or bipolar disorder. Or being abused as a child.

The son of a bitch planned it all beforehand. He intentionally cracked my skull. And broke my neck and my pinky finger, and . . . the list is very long and very painful.

He used to tell me that he always had a reason for everything he did.

I know now that, for once, he was telling the truth.

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Originally Answered By Serena Prince On Quora.


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