My Narc Ex Told Me I Was His Soulmate. Now He’s Gone Back To His Ex. Is He Telling Her The Same Thing? We Only Split 3 Weeks Ago.

He’s been telling his ex these things throughout their entire relationship, so he’ll definitely continue. But he won’t stop there.

Narcissists are always on the hunt for new sources of supply, regardless of how many current sources they have at any given time. They repeat the same patterns with each source, and very often, the same words.

During the lovebombing stage, the narcissist convinces his victim that she is his soulmate, and that he’s never felt so close to anyone before.

This is his way of manufacturing a bond that will be strong enough to endure the devaluation stage.

Victims of narcissistic abuse often say they tried harder in their relationship with a narcissist than any other in their lives. That’s because the narcissist created a trauma bond with the victim to ensure she would go to great lengths for the relationship.

And that she would tolerate the abuse he planned to heap on her.

Narcissists are very skilled at what they do. They have learned what works best with victims and they use that knowledge indiscriminately.

Every victim will be told the same thing as all the others.

For as long as the words continue to work in the narcissist’s favor.

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