OK, That’s A Lie

I’m pretending to look for Colton’s chocolate candy.😜😜

Since I’m the one who ate it, I know we aren’t going to find it.

Normally I’d just run to the store, grab him a replacement, and be done with it.

But to my surprise, he woke up earlier than usual.

Before I could carry out my deceptive plan.🤣🤣

Seeing how I’m the parent, I could just tell him the truth.

And I would . . . . .

If I hadn’t made such an ass of myself yesterday when he ate all the Froot Loops!! 😂😂🤪🤪

#serenaprince375 #saudiprince #bestpartnerforever

3 thoughts on “OK, That’s A Lie

  • This has me cracking up; ha ha… Ya, I used to eat my kids Halloween Candy while they were at school and then have to go out and buy them all new candy. I know I told you this on IG, but I thought the whole world should know how deprived my kids were cuz I kept stealing their Halloween candy. But, heck, if you can’t steal it from your own kids, where else ya gonna go? I thought that’s why we had kids…

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