Shout-Out To Survivors Of Narcissistic Abuse!!

You Are Strong!!

You Are a Survivor!!

You Are A Force To Be Reckoned With!!

You Have A Beautiful Heart and Soul!!

You Are Worthy!!

You Deserve To Be Happy!!

Don’t Question It When Happiness Finds You!!

You Beat the Devil, the Narcissist Who Wanted to Destroy You!!

You Are Living Proof That Good Overcomes Evil!!

You Survived the Worst that Life Can Throw at You!! Because You Are A Warrior!!

You Are A Bad-Ass!!

Remember This.



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2 thoughts on “Shout-Out To Survivors Of Narcissistic Abuse!!

  1. I love this! Yes, evil overcomes good! Sometimes it might take a bit of time, but God always knows what He’s doing as long as we have trust in Him. Powerful post!

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    1. Thank you!! I know the Good Lord has my back!! God Bless You, My Dear Friend and Sister!! Hugs!!

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