Is It Okay To Still Have Sex With Your Narcissist Ex (No Strings Attached)?

Is it Ok? Well, let me see.

Sure it is. If you don’t mind being exposed to every STD known to man.

It’s ok if you want to continue to be used and abused by the narcissist.

It’s ok if you don’t mind having your belongings pilfered, and your money and valuables stolen.

It’s ok if you want to feel like a worthless whore. Because that’s how he’s going to make you feel.

It’s ok if you don’t mind crossing your own sexual boundaries and getting into some really perverted situations because you don’t want to disappoint the narcissist.

It’s also ok if you have no self-respect, and don’t want any.

Need I say more?

Originally Answered By Serena Prince On Quora.

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