How Does A Narcissist Feel About Divorce?

How a narcissist feels about divorce depends on a few different things.

If it’s the narc’s decision to divorce, they’re fine with it. Since they don’t have a moral compass, it’s not like they hold the institution of marriage as something sacred.

Since narcissists are serial cheaters, they always have multiple sources of supply.

If marriage to one of these sources would be more beneficial to the narc than his current marriage, he’ll jump ship in a heartbeat.

When a divorce isn’t the narcissist’s decision, they go to great lengths to change their spouse’s mind. Suddenly their bad behavior undergoes a transformation. Once again, they become the soulmate they were in the beginning of the relationship.

After they’ve convinced their partner to stay in the marriage, it won’t be long before a more severe devaluation stage will begin. The narcissist will punish their spouse for daring to contemplate a divorce.

A narcissist’s feelings about marriage and divorce are the only ones that matter to them. Marriage is merely another opportunity to spread chaos and misery.

If they see divorce as a better opportunity, they’ll use it without hesitation.

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