Were You Better Or Worse Off Financially After Divorcing Your Narcissistic Ex?

So much worse off I didn’t think I’d ever recover from it. And not because he had contributed financially. He didn’t even have a job. He had intentionally set out to ruin me.

In fact, I’m still trying to recover from the disaster my Malignant Narcissist ex made of my finances, which is really just the tip of the iceberg.

He stole my driver’s license and had another woman pretend to be me in order to pull off some major scams. She got a speeding ticket in a part of the state I’d never even heard of, but never paid the fine.

When I went to the DMV to replace my license, I found out that it had been suspended and a bench warrant issued for my arrest.

To make matters worse, I owed a fine of over $4,000.00 because he stole a truck from me, but let the insurance lapse.

Since the truck was in my name, my license got flagged and the fees started piling up.

The more I found out, the more I felt like I was sinking in quicksand.

The damage he had done to my home was even worse. I had bought the house and he technically had no rights to it.

Still, I had him sign away any rights he may have acquired as a result of community property laws.

I thought I had covered my ass.

What I didn’t count on was his penchant for destroying my property. He went into violent rages and caused so much damage I needed to file a claim on my homeowners insurance policy.

There again, I was screwed. The insurance wouldn’t pay for the damage because we were still legally married and the destruction had been intentional.

Eventually, I sold the house as-is and lost over $60,000. It was no longer even livable, which was pathetic because at one time it had been a lovely home.

I could go on for a while about all the nightmares I’ve faced and am still facing because of my ill-fated marriage to a monster, but I think I’ve managed to answer the question.

Originally Answered by Serena Prince on Quora.

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