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How Long After The Initial Devaluation & Discard Will A Narcissist Begin To Hoover?

Since human behavior isn’t something that can be predicted in any precise manner, I don’t think there’s any one particular answer for this question.

There are multiple reasons for the length of time it takes a narcissist to hoover after the initial devaluation and discard. There’s also no absolute guarantee that the narc will hoover a particular victim.

Contrary to popular belief, narcissists don’t hoover every single one of their victims. It all depends on the individual narc, whether or not they think a victim is worth hoovering.

I have personally been hoovered by a covert narc ex-boyfriend several years after the discard. I’ve also been hoovered multiple times by my Malignant Narcissist ex-husband relatively quickly , as well as after lengthy periods of time.

Hoovering had been a pattern for him throughout the years. After extensively educating myself about Narcissism, and particularly Malignant Narcissists, I knew when I made my final escape that he would eventually attempt to hoover me again.

Which he did.

But I didn’t know when it was going to happen.

The behavior patterns of an individual narcissist, with a particular victim, can predict somewhat accurately if the narc will hoover.

But not when they will hoover.


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