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  1. LOL… I just spotted your last Meme about “your effort”, and it cracked me up… Like I said, I totally ‘get you’. Ha ha.

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    1. So glad someone gets it!! I was starting to think I might go a little too far sometimes. But hell, it’s funny to me. I forget that everyone isn’t as twisted!! Lol
      Glad you are!!💋💋Xoxo

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      1. I go too far, sometimes… and I get in “trouble” for it, often. But, heck, I’m used to getting into trouble. Yep, twisted for sure. 🙃 Ha Ha. 🙃 (People either hate me or love me).


  2. Hey, you look really familiar. (Just kidding…lol). Thank you for finding my bloggish-thing. I followed you back, and look forward to reading your posts. I just read one, right now, on Malignant Narcissism, and I totally get where you’re coming from. Hugs!

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    1. Aww!! Thank you so much!! You are probably my 4th follower on here. Lol I was driving in a storm when I saw your comment. I had to pull over so I could thank you!!
      I’m glad we found each other ‘s bloggish-things!!

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      1. Awe, well be careful in that storm, and no need to answer right away, or anything. Don’t want you having to pull over on my account. That was really sweet of you, though. ♥️

        I also added your post about Quora to my Pinterest because I don’t want to forget to go back and check out your answers on there.

        I’m not a member of Quora, but if I need to become a member to read your answers, I might sign up!




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      2. You are so cool!! Are you on Instagram? If you are, my username is serenaprince375. There’s a link to my Quora profile with all my answers on my site page on here.
        Plus you can google #serenaprince375 and it’ll take you to some web viewers that you don’t have to sign in to read all my posts.
        I’m so flattered that you want to read more of my work!! You really made my day!! I look forward to reading more of yours!! 💋💋

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      3. I just followed you on Instagram as ‘Merica Mariska’

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      4. I sent you a request. This is cool!! I guess you have had the displeasure of knowing a narcissist too. We’re going to have to support each other. Well, you may not need my support. But I need all the help I can get!! Xoxo, Serena

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      5. Ya, everyone who has been spun about in squares by Narcissists need support (including you & I supporting each other)!

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      6. I had a small meltdown last week when I saw a picture after my neck surgery. He threw me onto the back deck and herniated 3 disks in my neck. And I thought I was doing so well!! Lol

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      7. Serena, I am so sorry to hear this. I know about ‘triggers’ that come up out of the blue like this. I hope you are doing better. ♥️


      8. I’m doing much better now. Healing definitely doesn’t have a handbook to explain how to cope. Maybe we can work on one together since we’re both learning as we go. 🥰🥰

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  3. Awesome! Excellent post!

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

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    1. Heyswankycity, I mean Artist Formerly Known As, I’m so happy to see you!!


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